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Material: Poly Canvas Fabric

Colour: Charcoal Fabric and Components

Product Dimensions:

  • 3m wide by 2.5m Projection (7.5 SQM of fabric)
  • 4m wide by 3m Projection (12 SQM of fabric)


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Easy Fit - Motorised awning

Easy Fit Awning
Are you after a quick and hassle free DIY install Awning?
Then our  Easy Fit Awning is the perfect fit for you!




Installation and Operation
Motorised Awning Installation Instruction

Easy to Install, Three Simple steps.
Your Motorised Awning is easy to install, follow our DIY instructions below or download it in full for a more detailed explanation.

Step 1: Choose Mount, measure and mark fixing point.
  • We recommend that the front bar has a clearance from ground of at least 2.5 m when the awning is fully extended (if your space allows). To achieve this your housing must be installed 60cm higher (to allow a downward 14° Tilt angle).
  • Mark your fixing points. measure the distance between brackets on your awning housing and mark these point on your wall (you can hole a bracket to the wall to get correct hole points). Ensure you use a spirit level to make sure the awning is installed straight.
  • Use 14-mm drill bit to drill the holes for the brackets at the appropriate marks on the wall. The holes should be 9 cm deep in the wall and must be drilled through solid masonry or concrete.
Step 2: Fixing the brackets.
  • Insert the heavy duty anchors into the holes. (Before inserting lose the nut, washer and clamp ring.)
  • Place the bracket on the screw protruding from the wall. Then add flat washer and spring washer and fix the bracket with lock nuts. Tighten them well.
  • Repeat for all 3 Brackets.
Step 3: Install awning.
  • Insert the awning into brackets (download pdf for diagrams). Then immediately secure it with delivered round head bolts to the brackets. Tighten the nut of the round head bolt firmly.
  • Install the crank ring (left hand side of housing) into the Hexagonal rod (ring can’t be removed if you insert it in place).

Remove the safety belt after mounting; otherwise the awning cannot be extracted. Keep the belt; you can use it when storing the awning.

Download PDF Instructions

3MX2.5M-Full Cassette Instructions
4MX3M-Full Cassette Instructions

Outdoor Motorised Awning Full Cassette

Coming Soon!

***Coming Soon***

Are you after Effortless control of your outdoor space? Then our Motorised Awning is the solution for your home.

Our fully Motorised Awning is a perfect fit for a modern day New Zealand home.

Quick and easy operation!
With fully motorised control, no more tiring hand crank operation.

Increase the your outdoor entertaining space.
Dramatically increase your shaded and weather protected outdoor entertaining space!
Comes in two sizes:

  • 3m Wide by 2.5m Projection (7.5 SQM of Fabric)
  • 4m Wide by 3m Projection (12 SQM of Fabric)

Protect the fabric of your awning.
To prevent water penetration the awning retracts fully into its sealed cassette. Also ensuring a perfectly neat refined look.

Key Benefits of the Motorised Awning
  • Full cassette for neat and easy storage.
  • Fully motorised.
  • Modern design charcoal fabric and components
  • 80mm steel roller.
  • Provides extra SQM’s of entertaining space.
  • Quick and Hassle free DIY Installation.

Complete the look of any outdoor space whilst adding shade and weather protection.

  • Dramatically increase the size of your living and entertaining space!
  • Create a new living area outside, shaded from direct hot sun.
  • Extend the roof of your existing patio.
  • Get some much needed extra shade over your swimming pool.

Don’t just take our word for it, Use our Store Locator to find your nearest Bunnings Warehouse and check out our range today!
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